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Directions to Lençóis Chapada Diamantina

By airplane

Horacio de Mattos Airport - Lençóis
For those wishing to travel through the cities north of Chapada Diamantina such as Lençóis, Andaraí, Palmeiras, Capão Valley, Morro do Chapéu, Iraquara and Seabra, the ideal is to take a flight to Horácio de Mattos airport in Lençóis.
Commercial flights depart from Salvador and Sao Paulo and are operated by Azul Linhas Aéreas.
This airport is located at BR-242, in the Tanquinho district. Taxis make the 20km ride to the historic center of Lençóis. It is possible to book in advance with the tourist agencies or drivers of the Lençóis Taxi Drivers Association.
Glauber Rocha Airport - Vitória da Conquista
Another option, which best serves the cities south of Chapada Diamantina, such as Barra da Estiva, Mucugê, Nova Redenção, Itaete, Ibicoara, Rio de Contas and Piatã, are flights to the new Vitória da Conquista airport, Glauber Rocha.
Dep. Luis Eduardo Magalhães International Airport - Salvador
Receiving a large number of flights from various locations - including other countries - Salvador airport can be a great option. Travelers can reach the Bahian capital, rent a car directly at the airport and travel to Chapada or take a subway from the airport to Salvador bus station, where they will find the companies that operate the Chapada routes (see below for more details on how arrive by bus).
More information:
Blue Airlines:
4003 1118 (capitals and metropolitan regions); 0800 887 1118 (other locations);
Lençóis Airport - Cel. Horacio of Matos: 55 (75) 3625-8100 | 55 (75) 3625-0026 (Lençóis Airport Office)
Salvador International Airport - Dep. Luis Eduardo Magalhães: 55 (71) 3204-1010 / 1544/1555
For those coming by bus :
Emtram Lençóis (Bus Station): 55 (75) 3334-2237
Real Expresso Lençóis (Bus Station): 55 (75) 3334-2267

By car
By car you will have more freedom to organize your own script. To make the most of your time, chart the itinerary in advance, bring maps and / or GPS. On this site, you can also find the tourist map of the National Park, with the location of attractions and roads. Inside and outside the park there are paved highways and dirt roads where you can drive with regular cars - no need for traction.
Remember: even by car you need to hire a guide to gain access to most natural attractions.
Highway Information:
National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT):